!!!Freedom Is Not Free~OF RESPONSIBILITY!!!

DEFINITION OF HUMANE, n. [Supra.] Having the feelings and dispositions ‘Proper’ to man; having Tenderness, Compassion, and a Disposition to Treat Others with Kindness; Particularly in Relieving Them In Distress, or In Captivity, When They are Helpless or Defenseless; Kind; Benevolent.  2.  Inclined to Treat the Lower Orders of The Animals With Tenderness.  (Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

Humanity has defined virtues for a reason!!!  What most fail to realize is that when one deviates from any of the virtues of Humanity, by definition a transformation occurs they become less than a Human Being and as the Lower Animals!!!  The further one deviates the less Human it becomes until at last if the transformation be complete there becomes no distinction from BRUTE BEASTS.  There In Lies The Rub, so to speak, when one begins to deviate, often unknowingly, if no-one, including one’s-self notices, and corrective measures are not employed , the Decent from Man has taken Root!!!  Through Neglect a We are now faced with the effects, and it will only be as the result of Diligence in Acts of True Humanity that has any Hope of Refreshing, “A TIME OF RENEWAL”!!! The Time For Renewal is NOW, ‘Kindred Spirits’ are being gathered, Men of Faith, of Hope, and Great LOVE, to provide the Leadership in Corrective Actions and the Willing Will Come To Follow, While the Unwilling will Continue on the Path to greater Woe!!!  The time for hesitation has passed, let the willing seek, let the willing come, The Feast Has Been Prepared,  The Door has been Opened!!! (The Pearldropper, 6-21-2013 @ 10:23am)

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