!!!Speaking of Responsibility~Think MUTUAL!!!LAWFUL Courts> Under the Constitution

!!!Speaking of Responsibility~Think MUTUAL!!!

LAWFUL Courts> Under the Constitution of the United States of America< must be sanctioned  by  “We The People” and Subject to Monitoring and Correction!!!  If the People begin to practice Lawlessness in the name of Freedom, to the degree that the courts are overwhelmed the Balance Will Shift and Lawful Courts Will Be Lost!!!  Our Society now suffers from an Obsession With Fixing The Blame, rather than Identifying and Fixing Problems, Our Balance Has Been the Cost of these Fruitless Endeavors!!!  I overheard these wise words in a movie awhile back, “FIX THE PROBLEM!!!  THE BLAME WILL AFIX ITSELF”, or words to that affect!!! To insure the Rights, Harmony and Civility of all the people, Balance is essential, and Balance is a Mutual Responsibility!!!  Neglect any aspect of those things we hold desirable and the others become Destined for a Fall!!!

I feel the need for a NAP, my thoughts are impaired!!! Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise Too High, I shall continue at a later time!!!  Love to You and Yours, It has been said that Love Is The Answer and they were Tellin’ the TRUTH!!!

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