“What Makes YOU Hazy!!!”My K*S Albert E. Put

“What Makes YOU Hazy!!!”

My K*S Albert E. Put It This Way, “A question that sometimes makes me hazy: am I or are others CRAZY ???  ALBERT ALWAYS DRIVES ME TO THINK, AND I AM INCLINED TO SHARE MY THOUGHTS SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME !!!  TO THE CASUAL OBSERVER, MOST PEOPLE APPEAR TO OPERATING IN A BIT OF A HAZE [FOG] AND FOR GOOD REASON WE ARE AT A POINT IN HISTORY WHEN WE ARE JUST BEGINNING TO COME OUT OF A GREAT & TERRIBLE FOG or at least some are experiencing this Phenomena !!!  This Great & Terrible Fog is the illusion of opinions and the ease by which they become accepted !!!  Like all fog, it came in slow and easy, steady by jerks, but with ever relentless vigor III  Until finally almost all the Peoples of the World were found to dwell in it !!!  Not that they were content to do so, there was great discontent, however, it was the Fog which was preventing them from seeing the way out !!!  The Truth had become obscured  and opinion began to rule both the day and the night !!!  Now as I understand the word Obscured: does not denote the absence of Truth it just becomes more difficult to Perceive while in the Fog of Opinion !!!  My Friend Albert was just  one not totally contained by the Fog, therefore, he had his moments when he questioned, in the fog of opinion, if it was he or others who were crazy !!!  It was in his, as it is for all, Lack of Fear of Questioning that he was always able to overcome the Fog !!!  ” The Heart that has Closed Itself form Questioning It’s Own or Others Opinions, has ceased to seek Truth and will be destined to remain in The Great & Terrible Fog of Opinion !!!”  “Blessed is the One whose Discomfort Stirs the Desire to Lay Fear Aside long enough to Begin Again to Question, for it is only in doing so that the Path of Life can be Found!!!”  ~~~  Allrighty Then, I already stated my LOVE of Good Movie Quotes so here is a Test TRUTH or opinion from Star Wars care of YODA the Wise, “You must unlearn what you have learned!” ~~~ Alright I will try! ~~~ “No do not try do!” 

Feel free to comment on how I’m doin’, I’m listening and it has been said I have Big Ears!!!

Look both ways when crossing the Street, they say it’s a jungle out there, who knows they may be right,

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