“The Truth Will Set You Free”

I was listening to a News Program and heard the host say: “I thought the truth was supposed to set you free”.  Apparently, someone had committed a crime, lied about it, got caught, decided to tell the truth, and they were still going to jail. So why wasn’t he set free? After all the Bible says, the truth will set you free.

Well Beloved, this may seem like a silly question, however like many statements in God’s Word, when people don’t take the time to consider what it could mean in Light of what God’s message is conveying, opinions spring up like tares!

So what did Jesus, the Word of God say(John8:31-32)? Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him(the Word of God); “If ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed; and ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”

If we allow ourselves to continue to be distracted; as in time past! To be too poor to pay attention, so to speak! Then we can not get the benefit of the Truth! The Truth which is now; once again; being made available in this our time!

If and only if; those who hear, understand and believe the Word; and who continue to carefully adhere to It’s instruction! Then and only then; are they counted as His disciples. Then and only then; will they know(understand) the Truth. And then and only then; will the Truth make them Free. But Free in what sense; in this and only this crucial sense; free from the power of the deceiver, the lie.

God’s Word (Jesus); is specific and clear; if and only if; we treat Him with the loving care He deserves! But, if by our lack of caution; we fail to recognize the many caveats (detailed requirements); we will loose the power and the benefits of Truth.

Beloved, don’t allow impatience; to impede your efforts to gain your understanding; as a result of failing to give God’s Word the care and attention He deserves.

An example of those who heard; yet continued failing to understand is provided for us(John 8:33>59); remember that these were Jews who claimed belief, yet proved their inability to understand! And what was the stumbling block that prevented their understanding?

It was the core of their beliefs; that were based on the understanding of generations past, believing in opinions which led them farther away from the will of God. Thou shalt not kill (hate); became; unless someone challenges your core beliefs, in that case they’re fair game, so to speak! Or; Anyone who reveals your remainin’ sin, well they too are fair game!

So; what of us; whose beliefs have been forged in this age, the time of the gentiles? Does what we have come to believe; reflect the Light given through the gospel and the witnesses of the Life and intentions of the Christ (the Word)?

Have we through the proper Care and Love of the Word, avoided the errors of the Jewish peoples! Who would ultimately; as a nation; refuse to hear and obey; seek to stone and ultimately bring about the cruel crucifixion of the Very Word and Will of God Who dwelt amongst them!

Let us with pure hearts and with godly intentions examine ourselves whether we in Truth possess the Faith once delivered to the Saints; being witnessed by the fruit of our words and actions; towards one another and those not yet a part of the Gathering of Kindred Spirits. And if the Word discloses that we are found lacking; now is the accepted time to return to the Word; our God and Savior; for the only remedy; the understanding of why and how we are falling short!

Alright Beloved; as a chosen for service; Pastor and Teacher; this was my opportunity to let my Light shine, let me know how you think that I’m doin’; it’s the mutual responsibility aspect of our service to one another; just sayin’, because it’s true and I have been given the authority and I am compelled to speak!

Here’s a good one for starters; to test how; as individual members of the Body of Christ; we are measuring up(Mathew 5:6); “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

Bear with me; as we give the Word the love and attention He deserves and identify the caveats(details that reveal true meaning); that insure our compliance so that we receive the benefit!

Blessed; in a world of either or, blessed or cursed, to be blessed is to receive a positive benefit and avoid a negative harm! Do not be deceived dear one’s; either, or; defines reality; anything to the contrary is an illusion the world system of deception desires us to adopt; reality has always been on the basis of black or white; the grey area; is the result of opinion; the basis of illusion designed by the deceiver to ensnare those who fail to show proper caution; just sayin’!

We’d have to be asleep not to be capable of recognizin’ the difference, although in the world of illusion; many have yet to be awakened! It is written, so it should come as no surprise!

To hunger and thirst after; describes a high level of commitment to the task at hand; to be lackadaisical in our efforts in the slightest way would therefore be an instant disqualifier in the effort to progress; without question or room for argument; just sayin’!

After righteousness; sets the goal to be sought after and attained! This is the bar which God has established for His children to reach; and therefore being set it can’t be lowered; in Truth to accept anything less of ourselves; indicates our deception, just sayin’!

For they Shall Be Filled; this is the promise on which God has given His Word; and it’s to those willing submit to the requirements for receiving His Blessing that the promise is being made! So then Beloved, once the willing are filled, then and only then; will there no longer be room for unrighteousness in our conduct; our words and actions!

Beloved we must; with faith that admits no doubt to prevent our progress; fully avail ourselves of the opportunity offered through Christ (the Word); to be spiritually nourished day by day; as new born babes receiving the milk of the Word; which prepares us to receive our daily bread as we mature and can be fed on the more difficult meat of the Word; which allows us to increase to become fully mature in the Body; prepared to fulfill our purpose! Beloved; we must beware; not to be deceived into following a different path for our progress than that which God has provided!

Only as we have progressed; through diligence; to Spiritual maturity; can we know the fullness of the power of the Blessing bestowed upon us! The willing; those who respond to the call for the Gathering of Kindred Spirits; must one and all; follow the same path to maturity; in order to ensure that we are fully prepared to meet the challenges of this our time!

Beloved; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter!

In Sincere Love, Michael










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