“Are We Stupid?”

Beloved, I recently wrote that although my Boss found me slow, through His patience He proved me not to be stupid. Or words to that affect.

So I propose these questions.

If we base our understanding on what is described as common knowledge, that is accepted by most of our peers, only to find out that it renders us dysfunctional, were we stupid or merely misinformed?

If we find ourselves struggling because we have more important questions than the answers at our disposal prove adequate for resolution, does that make us stupid or just unprepared?

If after our best effort we find ourselves incapable of solving the problems we face, so that we become overwhelmed, are we stupid or just lacking proper solutions?

I suppose that’s enough to ponder to justify the point I hope to make.

In all my experience over the past sixty six years, I have yet to come across even one stupid person. I believe that I have benefited from my interactions with other human beings in both positive and negative circumstances. I believe it is tied to that original, created in the image of God aspect. Though I am fully aware that many, perhaps an understatement, have strayed from their purpose. I was taught that it was wrong to call people stupid, or foolish, now I have a firm grip on why.

Though I am aware that I and everyone I have ever met have been fully capable of doing dumb things, that does not meet the standard for stupid. I believe that stupid requires one to be incapable of learning from mistakes. Most people who may appear stupid, are quite possibly merely hard headed, yet fully capable. Whoops, I am aware of an exception, God in His Wisdom, in times past and to this present day, has rendered the stiff-necked stupid in hopes they will tire of the effects of dumb and be transformed. This has always been an extreme solution warranted by extreme circumstances for individuals as well as groups. Thus the instruction of, “The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom”, the reward of being hardheaded is never pleasant. Those who have loved us have hoped for and expected better from us, really.

Forgive me, I feel compelled to share this: long ago and not so far away I was led by the Spirit to have a card made up, like a business card but just informational. On the front it said, “Offering Good Advice For Those In Need, When Bad Advice Simply Will Not Do.” On the back it said, “Advice in problem solving in all aspects of life.” And, “Proper Solutions Solve Problems Without Creating New Ones To Take Their Place.” What can I say I was responding to a Bold Spirit. To the best of my knowledge, anyone who took me seriously and put me to the test, was ever disappointed. However I must admit I never got around to putting out a complaint box, I was rather busy.

As I said please forgive me, let us now return to the delimas proposed by the previous three questions.

Some things are True, those who give up prevent themselves from reaching their own goals, so don’t allow yourself to give up, no matter the difficulties. Anyone who thinks that’s easy for me to say, simply lacks the facts. This life is for our education and testing, and as long as we’re here there’s no escaping it. Deciding to take a trip without leaving the farm, is always disappointingly temporary. What can I say I lived through the Seventies. If you smiled that means you are aware and that’s a good thing! If you laughed uncontrollably, try to get a grip before you get the hiccups or worse, I don’t have insurance.

For those who are inclined to beat themselves up, mentally or physically, for their own inadequacy because they actually care, I’ll let you in on a not so little secret. If you have truly been doing the best you could(caveat)it’s time to stop, we have more important things to do, really I’m telling the Truth. If after careful consideration you came to the conclusion you lacked the effort to do your best, get over it. There’s more at stake than you can possibly imagine and giving it your very best matters. No matter what anyone may think, everyone matters, it’s inescapable. All of our words and actions end up on one of the two sides of the scales. For those who are aware things are not looking so good, not having their head in the sand, so to speak. Just refuse to hear the call to action and check out how that works. I believe it was a fellow by the name of Edmund Burke who said, all that is necessary for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing. (No offense meant ladies!) I say if we do nothing, we can not claim to be good. The key lies in preparing to make certain that our actions are proper, lest we end up making matters worse. Being unprepared has brought us to the severity of our present situation.

There’s more to the secret I mentioned, it’s time to pay attention. It is true that we have been living in dark times, spiritually speaking, and doing one’s best was difficult to put it mildly. The fact that things have not been going well was expected, though unacceptable, it was written these days would come. Because people in general were unaware they were asleep, a wakeup call was required and God’s timing is impeccable. To sing the praises that God is Good, when things are bad can appear ridiculous to some. The fact that God is Good and the Source of All Good is beside the point. The problem is that when mankind loses track of God, in Spirit and in Truth, bad things are literally bound to happen. And until we wake up and address the real problem, getting worse is inevitable. So the question is who’s awake and what in the Name of God(“The Word”) is it going to take to awaken those who have not been struck stupid?

Well as I’ve been sharing when given the opportunity the help we have so desperately needed has arrived, in fact it has been at work for some time now. Some say twenty years, I tend to think it began in strength forty years or so ago, but I’m certainly not hear to argue, I have an example to follow.

I’ll do my best to quote accurately with the aid of my helper, all of creation eagerly awaits the early and the latter rain. With Jesus and His faithful came the early rain, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but in time the confusion brought by false teachers caused the power to dissipate in spite of the claims of men, like I said I’m not here to argue, God knows.

I believe and have no doubt that we are being given the latter rain for all prepared to receive. Once again the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will prepare the willing for the work of this our time. Only the humble will know their need and receive God’s help, there have always been rules. The proud need not apply, my advice would be to get over it as soon as possible, time is a wastin’ as they say.

Beloved be not deceived, we will be known by our Fruits, which have been made manifest. Known to one another and to our Lord and Master. We are being called to prepare ourselves to bear fully the Fruit of the Spirit. Patience, Kindness, Longsuffering, permit me please, ect., without the Fruit of the Spirit and the whole Armor of God we will be unprepared and unworthy of the Spiritual Battle that lies ahead.

The called and the willing must help one another to ensure that we have been fed fully on the pure milk of the Word, so that we together can progress to the meat, the times ahead require our strength.

I am committed to the work ahead and to do my best in service to the true body of Christ and the Spiritual Gathering of Kindred Spirits.

With God as my witness, my Lord and His Spirit bearing witness, I have been given authority to speak.

I have been called and chosen to serve the Living God as a Pastor and Teacher in the Body of His Son on this earth. For those who seek answers to questions, do not hesitate, you have every right to expect answers, the Lord rewards the pure in heart.

I am Michael the Pearldropper at your service.

In sincere Love, Michael

One thought on ““Are We Stupid?”

  1. Wondefully true and encouraging post my friend! ๐Ÿ’œ Bring on the downpour of the Latter Rain!! ๐Ÿ™Œ Answers and tasks are coming thick and fast! Eleventh hour workers get to it! God is so Good! Yeeeew! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜

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