“Adressin’ The Concerns of Those Who Love Me”

Beloved I began my day, at six am, listenin’ to Bob Dylan’s, Slow Train Coming album, it helps me to get the blood flowin’ to my brain (Heart), I recommend it. Friends, how many can remember seein’ me dance, raise your hands. Ok, when I see you I’ll try to remember to ask if you raised your hand. I imagine I can count your number on one hand, possibly with fingers to spare!

I mention this because as it turns out, I now find great joy in dancin’, kinda like David I suppose. However, I must warn you, I require a little room. You see I enjoy dancin’ with my eyes closed most of all. I dance to “Slow Train Comin’,” the entire album, just sayin’!

Those who follow what the Spirit gives me to share, probably noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. I was havin’ to do some thinkin’, a friend had shared their concerns with me and I take all concerns seriously. At times I can be a very serious kinda guy, you may have noticed.

Anyway, I had an appointment at noon for lunch, the other party didn’t show, I suspect a demonic spirit (influence) got involved!So the Spirit sent in, rather lovely backup, I visited with a friend from the past, wonderful! Then my Spirit was lifted by a nearby conversation (fair warnin’ my hearin’ isn’t failin’). A lovely young woman had brought her Grandfather to lunch and it was a joy to hear them talk! I ended up after commenting, gettin’ a hug, you know one of the priceless kind, you only get from kindred spirits. Then it was off to the office of a friend, who had my back, so to speak, in the recent dark and troubled times of my Job experience. That too was wonderful and I got to tell him so! All the time I was multitaskin’, weighin’ the concerns of my friend.

All this seemed to render me worthless, in regard to workin’ on a post. However the Spirit was clearly on the job, my thoughts were racin’ as they so often do.

Finally I was compelled to put my pen to paper, that hadn’t happened in a while, but I had to write some things down. I’ve learned to respond in situations of this kind. So here’s how it went: Beloved, perhaps I failed to explain the situation at hand, forgive me. As a called and chosen to serve, Pastor and Teacher, I have proven my level of commitment to the Father, the Word(the Son) and the Spirit. That’s required of all who are chosen!

Those who come after me in the Gathering. Those who are truly being called by the Spirit and not merely curious, have yet to prove themselves, not to me, but to the true and living God we have been called to serve. You see to serve is in Truth a privilege reserved for the Chosen.

To be called and to fail to show the level of commitment to be chosen, is to be rejected. Rejection has it’s consequences.

Success is determined by our willingness to prepare for service and know this, the preparation required is most difficult. When the goin’ gets tough and it will, you must be willing to continue, the Spirit will take care of the able, that’s required and promised.

As Paul said and it applies to all of the chosen, when we were children we were content to enjoy childish things, but now we must accept the responsibility of a true man(male or female, gender is of no consequence) and put away childish things, with words of that affect. Remember, we are warned not to put our hand to the plow, if we are not prepared to continue until the work is complete, just sayin’.

To be rejected, is to loose the privilege of serving, as instruments of God in the completion of God’s plans for His Creation. Because it is God who has chosen me, I have no need for the approval of man. All of God’s chosen from the past, because of their awareness have served without fear. I have been prepared to serve without fear. Have no doubt, I have no fear of rejection of the world’s system of religions, neither do I fear those who serve them.

It is written, perfect love casts out all fear, again, greater love has no man(male or femal) than that He would lay down His life for His friends.

Know this, the Love that resides in me, is that Love. It is the Love of God! That is not to say, please understand, that this speaks of my Love for God, though I Love my God more than my own life. It testifies, that I have the same Love toward the children of God, as God has for His Children.

I have yet to meet one from among this generation face to face, who can in Spirit and in Truth make the same claim, though I desire greatly to meet them. In Spirit I believe that I already have, only God knows for sure. But I have every reason to believe! No one need accuse me of being cynical, I am and will remain hopeful!

Beloved, I don’t want you to be burdened with concern for me. There will be many who come to me, only to walk away. Consider the Parable of the Sower. The message that I am chosen to bring is of the Good Seed, but to spring forth and produce the Good Fruit it must fall upon the Heart, the Good Ground. While I am called and chosen to sow the Good Seed, expressed in my words and actions, the hearers must provide the Good Ground and the Promise remains, all who provide, will produce abundantly.

My calling is not to be popular in this world, I will be hated by the many who are still of the world, it is written! My joy is experienced among the few, who respond to God’s call to Love one another as they love themselves and to Love God, as the Father who Loves them. That is more than enough for me to gladly bear the burdens of this world.

Those who hate me, must do so because I have been called to tell the Truth. And why would they hate me, because they are still of this world, without exception! They hate me as you see for the same reasons that they hated my Boss, which testifies again to the saying, nothing is new under the Sun. In the Mind of Christ (God), to Love less is to Hate and there is no profit in seein’ it any other way!

Beloved, don’t be alarmed when those who hate me begin to devise a plan to take my life. Unless the Lord returns and intervenes to prevent them, I will share in the same destiny as those who have served before me. I like Paul, know if and when I am called upon to leave this mortal body in the service of my Boss, there is no doubt that I live, I have the Promise.

But know this, I have long since placed my life in my Boss’s capable hands and He alone has been given the power and authority to insure that I be allowed to finish my course.

I know the dangers, my work is not some childish game, at stake has always been, eternal Life or death and it is given to each of us to choose. I am just here to assist the willing to choose Life and to help them in preparing to receive it, according to the True Gospel of the Christ.

I truly love my job and I Love my Boss even more, just sayin’!

Beloved, try the spirits, whether they are of God, I trust that you have the gift of discerning spirits. Observe those who oppose me, who find fault with me, who choose to walk away and encourage others to do the same. You most assuredly will find, that they return to those who serve a different gospel, one that requires less of them. They believe that they have no need to prepare, that they are already sufficient to stand, while they continue to struggle to consistently bear any of the Fruits of the Spirit.

By our Fruits are the Children of God revealed and without the Love of God, all become barren, without exception.

For those called to the Gathering and who choose devotion to one another, those who truly learn to know and be known in the Body of Christ. I ask that you watch me closely and assist me if you see me falter. It is our duty to one another as an individual member part of the Body. Each being assigned their duties to ensure our health, so as to complete our purpose.

I am not called to argue with those who oppose themselves, I am here to serve the pure in heart and have been given an understanding to recognize who’s who, just sayin’!

For the strugglin’, they will find that I possess unbelievable patience, more than Job, because the so called modern world requires it and the Spirit supplies the need!

For the mischievous, who choose to attempt at silly games, they will find that I possess no more patience than my Boss, it is unwise to try my patience with foolishness, no good thing is likely to come of it (perhaps a valuable lesson learned).

Anyone who thinks that I don’t have time for them is mistaken, the ruler of the universe is in charge of my schedule, just sayin’. He provides me with sufficient time for my work with no room for wastin’ time, it’s called godly efficiency. I am a trained, One Minute Manager, for those who understand the concept, efficiency is a premium virtue. It allows everything to get done to ensure a fully satisfied life.

Beloved, don’t let the hardheaded, the stiff-necked, cause you be overly concerned , it’s harder than most think to get left behind, it requires considerable effort.

Know this, Beloved, God does not need or desire what you have, (each is given responsibility to use what they have been given wisely, consider the parable of the talents) God’s desire is for you. So for those who may wonder what motivates me, I serve in the Spirit and example of Christ, my Boss is every faithful in takin’ care of my needs, I greatly desire you the Beloved of God! I am not an hireling, charged to watch over God’s flock, I serve by the Spirit and example of the Good Shepherd.

For contrast, take the example of my Beloved friend Okey from southern West Virginia. As I understand it, he has served God from his youth and was called upon to Pastor a flock continuing to serve unto this day. He’s carried on through difficult times and as far as I know without complaint. Must have read at some point of the Israelites in the Desert and of the rewards distributed to complainers, just sayin’. I believe Okey qualifies as one of those I mentioned of meeting in Spirit.

Anyway, Okey has no fancy house or fancy car (not much of anything fancy in his life if I have a handle on his circumstances) to testify of the value of what I think has been about his Eighty years of serving God. But he enjoys the true riches of life, the Love of family and innumerable friends. Some like Forest Gump even know what Love is in spite of troubled times. Everybody with half a brain Loves Okey, not sayin’ there’s anybody in Greenbriar County with only half a brain.  Remember that I said that if I get a chance to visit someday!

Now Okey is an example of the Good Shepherd, to contrast against the wolves in sheep’s clothing infestin’ this present generation. They are masters of the Con, the hire-lings the deceiver sent out. They present the prosperity gospel of Lucifer’s own design, which is no gospel at all. Designed to capture mostly but not all, just silly women in these last day’s. Let me describe briefly what they are sellin’ and believe me it’s just a product.

Here it goes: you send me your money (seed, which will allow me to become rich beyond my wildest dreams, because the lord loves me and I love the the lord so much that he wants me to prosper) and the Lord will cause your seed to produce an hundredfold (the checks in the mail). As I said this is just a brief description of the Con, but anyone with half a brain should be able to get their number from what I described. For those who don’t get it, I hear that they are beginnin’ to make progress on brain transplants. Help is on the way!

It’s time to wake the heck up. It would have been fine with my Boss to say, wake the hell up, but I’ve been trained to consider those of the more delicate persuasion (whoops, sorry I blew it again—not really remember the embellishment rule).

Well it’s my Heart’s desire that I have been able to quench the concerns of my Beloved, let me know if I have fallen short!

Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter!

In sincere love, Michael

If you’ve got half a brain and I’m sure you do, you know that I Love you with all my Being!!!!!!!

One thought on ““Adressin’ The Concerns of Those Who Love Me”

  1. “You see to serve is in Truth a privilege reserved for the Chosen” Selah!
    They don’t get it because they prefer the acceptance of man more than the persecution of being God’d chosen. Let’s face it.. its far more convenient! They simply can not comprehend how much more worth there is in the latter.
    Im not sure Ive come face to face with another either, who has the track record of hundreds, thousands of testimonies of God’s trustworthy awesomeness. Daily divine intervention after the leaps and bounds of obedient faith & the battle of warfare discernment! (besides my Dad who passed 9 years ago) They settle for just one testimony (a wish fulfilled) and then use it as leverage to sit on the haunches of their faith … while sitting on God’s throne playing God!! I look forward to a face to face with you Brother… if not in this place then the next. Blessings to you!

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