“My Purpose and Function”

Beloved, the presence of the Spirit within those beginning to Gather is apparent by affects which are being manifested. Our ability as we become connected to inspire one another, to act in positive ways to strengthen ourselves.

A friend in the Beloved contacted me and shared a short video which inspired me to address something which had been on my heart(mind) for quite some time and the following is the result.

Well hello Beloved, first I want to thank you, when I got the notification ding I was in LaLa land. I’ve been catchin’ up on several months sleep all day and you have helped me to shake it off, so to speak! I must have needed it but, I have more important things to do than sleep, so again I say thank you!

Your share actually gives me the opportunity to address something of great importance to the Beloved.

Those who are being called to the Gathering of Kindred Spirits and who want to better understand the nature of my function and purpose!

I am no longer of this world, yet as God’s servant I remain in the world as an instrument to fulfill His Purpose (The Father, The Son [The Word], and The Spirit).

I like my Boss (Jesus the Christ), have no dog in the fight, so to speak, in the political controversies of the world system. My Father is in the ultimate control over the world system.

However, that system only serves to provide contrast, to that which His Christ has brought to Life at His coming! The Kingdom of Heaven (of God) on earth.

Without contrast, free choice would have no meaning or purpose! Either, or; spirit of this world system, or the Spirit of the True and Living God, darkness or Light, you see my point and it is for each of us to choose.

My purpose now is to help in the Gathering of Kindred Spirits out of the world system, so as to prepare for the final spiritual battle.

The consummation of this age, the time of the gentiles, as it were, so to speak. I’m sure you can understand! We the adopted children of God are warned not to focus our efforts on the affairs of this world, but rather, to focus our efforts on the strengthening of His Kingdom.

The present state of dysfunction is the result of the deceiver’s constant assault against the Truth and our failure, in times past, to recognize his deception.

For those who humble themselves, the times of deception must and will come to an end! And I am among those here to testify!

Those who are among the fold of my Boss, will hear and understand my voice also, I am a son, not a hirling and God is my witness! I am thankful that the Spirit caused your post!

Now as a Storyteller I would like to share a story, which is true of course, metaphorically speaking, my Boss is very strict on that matter!

It goes like this: not so very long ago, there lived a man of great faith, grounded in the religion of his father. (The prevailing beliefs of the day.) And it came to pass that the man found himself caught at his home during an unexpected storm.
As it so happens the man lived beside a river and the waters began to rise rapidly.  However, being a man of great faith, he was not concerned, knowing that God would protect and care for him.
But the waters continued to rise and soon they were at his doorstep and he began to hear the sound of emergency sirens in the distance. Low and behold he saw a man in a passing boat who called out to see if he wanted assistance.  No, no, he exclaimed, I’m sure I will be fine as the Lord will surely protect me and my home. So the man and his boat continued downstream.
Soon the water had risen and flooded the first floor of his home. Then a second man appeared in a boat and asked if he needed assistance, but the man of great faith said that he would be fine, his God was protecting him.  And the man and his boat continued downstream.
Finally the rising water caused the man of great faith to retreat to his attic window and although his prospects appeared rather grim, his faith was unshaken, but in the end his house gave way from it’s foundation and the man of great faith drowned.
Now dear reader you may believe my story to be a bit ridiculous, but I have actually met such men of great faith.
Well the man’s body was recovered and he was buried in a grave according to the tradition of his people. And there his body rested in peace until the day of God’s judgment. 
Upon his arrival the man lodged a complaint, he demanded to know why God had allowed him to die.  When the matter was addressed, as I am sure that you have guessed by now, the arbiter explained that God had sent two individuals to rescue him and he refused them.  Therefore, he was responsible for the outcome not God. 
Please don’t misunderstand the purpose of my story.
I and all who have been chosen to serve in like manner as myself, are like the men with the boats.  We, as those who were sent before us, have come to the rescue and it would be a foolish thing to refuse us.  But the history of man proves that the many will in fact refuse the call and only the few will respond appropriately, much to the dismay of my Boss. THE END!
Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter!
In sincere love, Michael

4 thoughts on ““My Purpose and Function”

  1. God always seems help in one go or another. That’s why when someone offers a helping hand in any situation u don’t turn it down. But to u do have to be careful cz some people can n will try to take advantage of the situation. As I was taught the devil larks around every corner


  2. The man in the story really didn’t understand because drew his faith to God he was truly brought home to all of God’s glories that we are promised from him. so the man should not have been questioned God as to why he had let him down because in the end you really didn’t let him down.


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