♡ I came across this song for the first time on the 23rd day of April in the year TwentyTwenty and thought it worthy of Reflection; I thought I heard a somewhat curious line from my perspective; that went something like this; we don’t need someone shouting from their island; that only Jesus Saves; as if it were not true; which set my course upon reflection; knowing that one hears with ears attuned to their personal perspective; which is the product of the influences to which one has been exposed; the spirits one has received; because in Truth spirit is Influence; there is a spirit which questions whether only Jesus saves; while there is a Spirit that admits no doubt that only He; the one who was named Jesus; has been given the power and authority to Save; one’s perspective is the product of the spirit one chooses to believe; I have come to the understanding that there are two foundational spirits; fountains of influence in harmony with it’s true source; which compete in opposition to one another for devotees; followers of their influences; the one invokes doubts in it’s followers by offering them opinions; unstable in that they are ever subject to change, to guide their path in the time of their existence; the Other offers Faith to those prepared to receive it; and when faith is brought to maturity; it’s foundation supports the perspective that admits no place for doubt; this Spirit offers it’s devotees Truth; stable in that Truth never changes; that which is true today was true from the beginning of time and will remain true as long as time is permitted it’s influence; the end of time, so to speak, as it is now perceived; it’s the Spirit of Truth that Lights the Path; enlightens the Way in the life of it’s devotees; if they only continue to trust and pay close attention to it’s influence; they find their time of stumbling existence will come to an end♡♡♡ So where has my reflection led me and to what conclusion has it brought delivered my thoughts; there is a sure and certain reason for my reflection on this song; my mother used to share with me her thought That; she would rather see a sermon, than hear one by one called a preacher who stands in a pulpit proudly elevated above the recipient’s of his message; so are those who shout of a Jesus from their island that separates them from the people who don’t perceive things as they do; while they miss the meaning of a song such as this; the Jesus that Saves is found in it; God is Love; and Jesus is the expressd Image of Love; He is the Truth that flows from the Mouth of God; He the Way that leads to Love of the Charitable Sort; Love in Action; and this is the Message reflected as I perceive it; in this song I have chosen to share this morning ♡♡♡ Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡ With Love Unfeigned, Michael ♡EarsToHear♡EyesToSee♡ “Jackson Browne & Leslie Mendelson “A Human Touch” from 5B – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO” on YouTube

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