Truth is found by those who truly seek it, this is and always has been true ♡♡♡

For those who seek truth in a world possessed by opinion, I write♡♡♡

10/17/20 God judges the motivations behind our words and actions ♡

Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world, yet claim to be a loving God?

4/27/21@08:16 The first statement is simple Truth ♡ The question deserves a truthful answer. My God does not impose His will on mankind, simply provides the means to enlighten man of his choices and the knowledge that with choices come consequences. The blessed of mankind have chosen the path of doing God’s revealed will for the good that it produces. Because they chose to seek it out by their choice♡ The cursed of mankind choose to reject the revealed will of God and follow the path provided by the world which opposes God, rebels against the good, against God, and does evil while claiming often that they act for a perceived good. While they seek the path that offers them a false benefit at the expense of other people. In doing so, they have chosen a path to their own destruction, existing in an illusion of life.

God does not allow evil and suffering in the world, mankind by their choices allow it ♡

While God offers the Way for those who seek it, to escape the evil and suffering created by a world in rebelion against the good made available by the loving and only True God ♡ Only those enlightened by God’s Word, the Christ of God, Jesus and those who subject themselves to Him as their Lord, know this to be True and therefore willingly put their Trust, their Faith in Him♡

God does not cause the Righteous to suffer, it is the price we willingly pay for the purpose we are called to fulfill ♡

While the world inflicts unjust suffering on the Righteous, God offers protection of the Life of the just and the means to escape the worlds influence, the spirit that produces the evil that plagues the majority of mankind. My words are True, they are a blessing only to those who believe them and a threat to those who rely on the lie promoted by the opinions of a world that seeks to profit by means of deception. Any gains that they appear to enjoy are false and temporary. In Truth; they come at a cost only the deceived are willing to pay, both now and more so in the days that follow. The deceived, by their very nature are unaware of the source of their difficulties and the Way provided, available, to escape them, being bound by the very chains of deception. Their only hope lies in being awakened to the Reality that only Truth can Reveal♡ It’s time for the Willing to Awaken from their Slumber, ìmposed upon them, but willingly accepted through the choices made in the darkness provided by the world’s system.

Only those who Awaken and Seek the Light of Truth can escape the death the world offers, so called existence, and begin again to walk in the Light of Life, that God offers All who Come to Him♡

I do not claim the words I offer, though True, are my own; for God is the Source of All Truth and freely given by inspiration to those given eyes to see and ears to hear, those whose desire is to be His children, we will not be disappointed ❤

I am just “Michael”, called, prepared and chosen to Serve, the Way, the Truth and the Life: The Lord♡♡♡

Have a truly blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡

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