I commented on the below video and this is my response: 12/19/21@07:45 I wrote the following response to a Jordan B. Peterson video on YouTube “This Is No Coincidence ” posted on 12/18/21: The solution has been available now for over two thousand years and the world of mankind has been unwilling to receive and apply it, so the world has been going to hell in a handbasket, while those who have Faith in the solution provided are called to allow the so-called competent to serve as leaders to develop the competence of the willing who are also competent, as all of mankind is potentially competent, while these leaders are content to serve for what they actually need and forgo riches for the peace and joy that charity(love in action)toward their fellow man can provide, the Christ set this example that the world of men has chosen to reject, while the few true children of God live it, and the world of men call them fools; while it is written “wisdom is justified by her children “, just sayin’ because it’s true ♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael♡♡♡ 12/19/21@08:42. 12/19/21@11:55. On that note I offer this question to consider: who is the wiser; the wretchedly poor who serve out their sojourn in this world powerless and in want of the very least of wordly pleasures or those who want for nothing and yet never aquire enough to satisfy their desires ♡ Praytell, who do you count as the wiser? From my perspective consider Lazarus(Luke16:19>31), if you desire to understand where my heart, my perspective resides, just sayin’ because it’s true♡♡♡ Again: In Sincere Love, Michael 12/19/21@12:35. “Jordan Peterson – “IT’S Been Their PLAN ALL ALONG”| WAKE UP PEOPLE!!” on YouTube

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