Michael the Pearldropper

Bio: I am a person of faith, the product of what I have come to believe. I understand myself as being in the process of awakening into a higher state of consciousness, into a clearer perspective of reality. I have chosen this medium as a means to share what can be learned from those who are traveling along the same path. I have learned the necessity of open-mindedness, having found that in this world things are seldom what they appear to be. Any understanding that I have come to value, I found came as the result of patient consideration of what appears to be, in order to reveal what is. I, as those who have come before and those who are now seeking to travel the path, found the necessity of the Light which iluminates the way. I found this Light in the revealed Word of God as manifested in the Christ and the Spirit which brings the Word to remembrance. I believe that for those who seek and find it, consciousness, can only be found through the Light of Truth. I look forward to the gathering of Kindred Spirits so that we can travel our path together.

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