“I’m a Teacher not a Preacher”

Beloved, I was not called to tell people what to think or what to believe, that foundation was being laid over two thousand years ago. Throughout the history of God’s dealings with His Creation, the effects of His Preachers has been temporary at best. Because the spirit of this world sets in to confuse the message, even of those whose words come from a true understanding. God, therefore, continually warned to guard against our tendency to be misled and our willingness to refuse to heed His Warning. Beware, God’s Spirit will not endlessly continue to strive with the spirit that resist It’s influence, just sayin’!

My purpose is to help the willing seekers, to understand what God is saying, in this our time, I’m a Teacher. If we the willing, fulfill our individual purpose, God promises our success. It’s imperative that we pay attention and respect the functions of the individual callings of the members of the Body of Christ. Also we must be diligent to identify those who claim to be members of the Body, but by their fruits, prove they are not.

In troubled times, such as we are now experiencing, it becomes ever so important to keep in mind, just what it is that God through His Christ and His Spirit, is indeed promising.

Feel free to carefully consider what I have been given authority to say regarding the Promise.

In the here and now, as we dwell as sojourners, we are to experience not being of this perishing world system, while at the same time, doing God’s work within it. Not a difficult concept, if we stop to think and we can’t afford not to think carefully.

We are promised, as long as we pay close attention, stable relationships within the Body. Stability within our own mind, stability in our relationships with one another as members of the same Body, stability within the various and sundry groups acting in unison within the Body (ex. Our families), chaos is not allowed to exist within the Body because of it’s nature and that is an unchangeable rule.

When we fail to experience the Promise, it’s because we have strayed from the Path which produces the experience. Not because the Promises of God have failed to produce the intended result.

If we allow ourselves to be honest with one another, it is obvious that we have strayed from the Path, as individual members of the Body. In Truth, we have failed one another and we have failed to progress, so as to experience the Promise.

If we are surprised, it is because we failed to pay attention, it is written, that we the willing but confused, would arrive at our present predicament. I can honestly say I was not surprised, I’ve been aware for quite some time. That’s what set me on my present course, the quest for answers regarding what to do next. I don’t deserve a cookie, so to speak, for my awareness, it’s just because my Boss has been busy implanting His Plan, don’t you see (of course you do), that’s why the Spirit is drawing us together at this our time.

Well I suppose that’s enough for us to think about for the moment.

Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter!

In sincere love, Michael

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